Dr Penelope Law



Penelope believes that the choice of delivery and care is different for every mother and that in order to make those choices you need accurate and up to date information


Currently a consultant at the Hillingdon hospital where she has been the lead consultant for the labour ward. At Hillingdon she runs a specialist clinic for pregnant women with a BMI over 35, and for teenage mothers to-be. She is also actively involved in the charity 'Foundations UK', which trains health care professionals in weight management before, during and after pregnancy. She is also an active Patron of The National Obesity Forum http://www.nationalobesityforum.org.uk/. Penelope is also working with Kings University in research into the challenges arising from human trafficking and how it affects maternity care

Obstetric services available from Dr Penelope Law

  • Penelope offers women appointments at 4 weekly intervals up to 28 weeks, then fortnightly until 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery
  • Women can call Penelope on her mobile should they have concerns regarding their pregnancy
  • To ensure 24 hour care for pregnant patients she works closely with a small group of fellow obstetricians at The Portland
  • You will have an opportunity to meet with both Penelope and Maryam antenatally
  • All deliveries take place at The Portland Hospital in Great Portland Street, which is dedicated to the care of women and children

BMI Consultations

Dedicated weight management appointments for pre-conception, antenatally and post delivery In addition to The Portland Hospital Dr Penelope Law also sees patients who are concerned with weight and health optimisation at The Cromwell Hospital and 118 Harley Street