As of 1st June 2022

The following fees include all antenatal consultations, 6 week check and delivery (either C Section or vaginal delivery) in the UK.

All patients have access to Dr Penelope Law’s mobile

Dr Penelope Law is on the approved lists for all major UK insurance companies


Total package £9,500

Includes all antenatal visits, delivery, and a postnatal visit (usually around 6 weeks).

From 34 weeks £7,500

For caesarean section only £6,000

This includes one antenatal and one postnatal visit.

For those wanting to have antenatal care but delivering else where such as abroad £400 per visit.


Gynae one off consultations £300

Follow up appointments £250

By arrangement

Uterine artery embolisation

MR Focussed Ultrasound Treatment